Monday, June 20, 2011

so called pre-honeymoon..

today i feel like updating my blog as hari tu Cik Puan Moose ada request suruh buat, here goes (pls be reminded, i will compress into 1 entry jer):
Trip ni organized by hub's company for annual co. trip (cer teka next year pi mana plk? aku pun taktau) and luckily wife pun blh ikut sekali.. hehe..alhamdulillah blh la pegi jalan2..

Day 1
April 2011- our flight to Saigon actually dah petang, we landed around 6pm their time (actually Vietnam is 1 hr behind Msia). as soon as we all naik bus, we were shocked with their traffic. penuh dgn motorcycles and its really hectic. seriously. ada motor yg dtg dari opposite side. pening2.
then terus pegi dinner at Saigon Penang. the food so-so jer maybe sebab dah sejuk..
lps dinner, check in at Lan Lan Hotel 2. blh consider CBD area la kot..

Day 2
off to Chu Chi Tunnel, which is 1hour plus from the hotel. scenery pun macam so- so jer, tido jer dalam bus.

rice paper

tools nak buat rice wine

what is your size?

the tunnel
mind you, the weather and temperature just like malaysia. sangat panas! then off we for shopping place which located at Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St, District 1 (sila pronounce btl2, aku pun tak reti). shoplot kat situ consists of kedai handbag, baju2, kain pasang, souvenirs etc.. and this shop (as per below pic) ada jual ready made kurung and i think the price is quite reasonable and cheaper than msia. kalau rasa nak beli better beli terus like caftan yg dlm gmbr tu because kt kedai lain aku tak jumpa pun. seriously regretted sbb i was thinking like 'ala..nanti pegi kedai lain mesti ada lagi murah' ok. pegi kedai lain tak ada pun caftan mcm tu.. yg banyak kain pasang and ready made kurung..sigh~

at night, we took cab to HRC to buy the t-shirt. (hubs is a HRC t-shirt collector)
Day 3
Mekong River trip. lebih kurang 2hrs from our hotel. we hopped into big boat to go to the small island..then tgk org buat coconut candy, tried their honey, fruits..etc..

coconut candy in the making

and the best part was naik boat kecik ni.. ya ampun. naik without safety jacket ok. and most of the pendayung are Women. we gave some tips sbb kesian sgt tengok makcik2 ni mendayung and we can see that kehidupan mereka sangat daif..rasa insaf sekejap..but it was a good experience tho.

lunch and dinner kat sini, the food consider ok la..

Day 4 (last day)
Shopping time. but we all tak shopping sangat pun. just bought souvenirs for families and closed friends jer..
1. Bin thay market- sesuai if nak beli borong sbb barang2 kt situ jual in bulk..mostly kain, shawl, helmet?
2. ben thanh market- near to our hotel (takder gambar..maaf), the market memang macam market/ pasar. same goes to bin thay market tadi..sangat panas. ben thanh market ni ada jual kain2 jugak, t-shirts, shawl, souvenirs etc..
3. russian market- ada aircond. tapi tak menarik pun. but if u plan to buy winter jacket/ coat, u can buy here (unfortunately i bought my jacket for Melb trip since Dec lagi) hehe..

Bin Thay market

Russian market

our last night in Saigon, we were entertained by the water puppet show and it was in their language. so kami sekadar tengok je lah. basically i think that the show was based on their culture and their history. other than that, den tak paham.

Tips 101
1. pls try to bargain as low as you can.
2. be careful with the penjual. they are so desperate to sell their goods. sampai tarik2 tangan kita. rasa macam nak lempang jer. hahaha
3. be careful with the foods. nasib baik pegi ngn tour..agak susah jgk if pegi sendiri as they eat almost everything (dog, cat, snake etc)

rasanya setakat tu je la kot yang aku ingt..hehe.. bye!


Moose said...

thank u jaja! how's the quality of kain2 tu? mak aku dah siap pesan ni. haha. aku hotel pun belum book lg.

missbutterfly said...

hahah..mus, all kind of kain ada..from low quality to good quality..kena pandai pilih jer.. cotton pun byk.kan ada byk jenis..dari yg paling nipis to english cotton ada..and derg jual kt kt psr mcm tu je. hehe

deardiary said...

hahaha ja dulu time aku g ado so kedai jah.4season tu so jah.mahal glo make.almost rm40 per plate haha weng! bin thay market tu dkt bandar jah tp hok bwk moto dio kato jauh keno naek motor.naseb weols xtertipu kekek :P