Friday, July 30, 2010

today is Friday..

I like weekend, sometimes..
when he purposely came down to KL just to meet his fiance..

I hate weekend, mostly..
when he has to stay/ stand by at his plant.

but this weekend..??
to be cont...

mcm drama bersiri plk.hahaha..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

buang bulu part I

Refer to my previous entry..i cant start my 1st sesh last week due to i plucked the hair 2days earlier before i met the beautician. before i sign up for the treatment, i've discussed with my sister since she already done the treatment last 4years.. she said try to avoid from IPL treatment bcos its really painful.. but somehow mine also using this method. .

So after office hour yesterday, straight away went to Bella Usj for my 1st sesh and i was f**king nervous while waiting for the treatment. seriously! then i change my shirt and lied down on the bed and spread my both arms..hahaa.. can u imagine that? then she shave the unwanted hairs and put some gel on it. and its cold! later she put me glasses and warned me that it will a bit painful when the treatment started.

'1..2..3' bzztt!! adeh! she put the 'machine' 3-4times per arm. and lastly she applied a soothing gel on both my underarms..
its not that painful as my sis claimed. just like u pluck ur hair..maybe they already improve the machine? or my pain tolerance is high?

next mth is 2nd sesh.

Amalina, that was the story for my 1st sesh. hehehee..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

baju utk sanding kepukkepukkepakepak

amongst of the design that i loike:
empire waist kah? (sori gmbr lupa curi kt mana)
mcm ini kah (i think she is one of the blogger's fren..sile bgtau!)
atau ini? ( i like part bawah-from knee smpai bwh, credit to Hatta Dolmat)
or this? (lbh kurang gmbr no 2, pun lupe amik kt mn)
mcm ni mau? eh? aku kenit.mane seswai pakai baju kembang semangkuk mcm ni.
somehow i've already give a picture of dress that i like which is most likely Hatta Dolmat's design to Wan Huzaidi + Wan Huzairil.
*crossing fingers*

Monday, July 26, 2010

nk print gmbr kt mana yer?

dear b2bs, any idea where i can print my pics with low price in usj/s.alam area? help me!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

moral of the story..

buat baik berpada-pada..buat apa buat baik kalo org xappreciate..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

la senza sale?? sy lagging kah?? no..i went la senza midv a week after the sale started...spent almost 3hours with my bff..most of the design that i like were out of size (mine is normal size)hahaha..and all the lingerie are safe in my closet..waiting to be worn..aummm..!! (gelnya mode)
*gelnya= gatai
the list
one of them
funny thing: i went there with my bff and my FSIL(pic). kahkahkah..aku mmg bengong.xmalu punye kakak ipar.

issue cuti lg..sigh~

adeii..did u remember my previous entry regarding my leave?? ok yesterday i apply leave for 1 day for this august on 30th which falls on Monday..and everybody know that its already stated in the stupid roster 3 staff will be on leave on that day..which is included me..its already in MY PLAN ok. cut the story boss refuse to sign my leave appln due to 3 person (incl me) will be on leave on that day..he said he can only approve for 2staff only. taik kucing la. really pissed off!!!$%^&* because my plan is to do the HIV test this end of August in Kelantan. stupido punye b*ss.. last mth aku xikut schedule dh bising and now ikut schedulu pun xboleh? bodoh ke bengap ke ape ah?

Monday, July 19, 2010

no more underarms hair~ im krazeee be such hairy person..the hairs (upperlips/ arms/ underarms/ eyebrows) really annoying i tell friends and fams (they also having same prob) always tease me that im a gorilla sis call me 'anak gorilla' and i counter back and said 'u r my sis and u r anak gorilla too'..hehee..same goes to my frens (esp boys) hehee..incl my fiance..hehee..but its ok..i know it just a joke.. but for me..the bulu2 really annoys me..after some research, some surveys..i just came back from signing up for 6sessions+ 1 upper lips+ 2 whitening for *ehem*underarms*ehem* totaling RM 1xxx..and my sis has done hers in last 4-5 years..seems the result looks fine to me..ok dah..lps ni mkn megi yer kawan2..aku dh pokai. hopefully it is permanently remove from my body.hahaha..bye! and bye bye to tweezers and razors!

hello bella usj!

Friday, July 16, 2010

byk org byk ragam

they know how to switch on..but donno how to switch off..
anda pernah mengalami nya?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

weekend yg stress di hometown part II-last one

cleaning up my room for the whole day..mcm dh nak kawin esk.hahaha..bilik sy kecik jer..ngam2 dgn katil queen..dulu katil single..balik hari tu p beli katil queen..mula2 nk letak kt belah ni (mcm gmbr bwh) tp xmuat..xleh nk bkk pintu..tu la..bilik cute sgt sape suruh?
ejas punye ejas..belah ni jgk yg muat..nasib baik lah. gmbr bwh ni sblm..maaf yer sgt xterurus..
lepas tu kena pksa dgn my mom utk simpan2/buang benda yg xberpaedah katanya..dan ini hasil nya..tadaa~~~beli la tilam vono..lembut uuuuuu....
oh ya..nnti kawen pun bilik sy mcm ni jer..(save budget).xder deco3..sbb maybe kenduri buat kat lain..bkn kt umah..
lps tu buat ape lg eh? pegi SSF beli ribbon utk DIY doorgift tu..ok.tu jer aku ingt.hahaa..
lps tu meh layan lagu ni..effect nya tergedik2 sambil baca blog org~

verangan mode..they are having excessesssss of money..

lihatlah arch mereka..gulp!
the dais with full of fresh kt kl tutup kedai gamaknye..
chiviari chairs..gulp lagi..
the dais again
video guestbook anyone?? (xtakut kena curi ke?haha)
guess who's wedding is this? it was daughter of the late Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin's wonder grand gile. ok. mari verangan kawan2..zzzZZzzZz..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

weekend yg stress di hometown part I

pegi tempah baju utk majlis belah enche tunang nnti..kain lace my mom beli time dia pegi seberang. bunga timbul2 gitew..aww..
aku dh cakap nk design simple2. nnti nk he came out with weird design (pendapatan aku la)..nk selang seli dgn kain kosong mcm gmbr bwh..kt tgn pun..and kt blakang pun? aik..mcm zebra la plk? bkn main lama aku pk..almost 2hrs. last yg dpn jer aku approve buat mcm still xpuas hati..sigh~ rasa mcm buruk jer..ntah?
xpe lah..last skali meh layan nasi kerabu yati..though im not a fan of nasi jadi cair bila mkn ns kerabu dia.hahaha

stressful weekend

wiken yg stress..back to hometown last weekend. for me we still have time to organized/plan for the wedding..but my mom so kan cheong one. ok wedding is the last wedding of the family (utk anak perempuan)..thts y dia sgt kan cheong. last weekend byk benda yg dia pressure aku (dia kan wedding planner aku) bcos aku ni mcm buat slow2..main2 ckit..malas2 ckit..hahaa..last2 kena stressful lah! if less than a week before the wedding aku xtau la mcmana..sigh~

Friday, July 9, 2010

award lg..ish2..

Thanks to Cik Masmona, & SK (sori baru prasan) for the award :)
1. Anda mesti memberi pujian kepada pemberi award ini.
aku rasa bia beza tarikh bertunang dia 1 hari jer ngn kene puji kan? awk punye gelas tu nmpak mcm cantik..nk satu!!
2. Sila beri award kepada 10 bloggers yang lain.
hheehe..nk rebel jgk blh>???
4. Bagaimana anda boleh digelar blog yang "Best and Great".
agak2 best x? byk yg mengarut ader laa...mencarut ade x?hahahaa

Thursday, July 8, 2010

attn to nawal yaya cik belle adda queen of a day

1. Link kepada orang yang bagi award ni

2. Nyatakan sebab musabab anda minat kaler PINK :
not so into this color..but i think it suits me..ngehehehe..ngade2 di situ..

3. Sejak bila suka kaler PINK :
haahaha...Kay, same goes to me..i really hate PINK..even skrg not a big fan of pink tp still blh consider lg la..

4. Nyatakan 5 barang yang anda paling sayang yang kaler nyaPINK :
1. tudung
2. lipstick
3. emm..jap nk pk...ha! kemeja keja.
4. victoria secret~ strawberry champagne body mist
5. haih...puas dh cari dlm bilik..little fingers can?

5. Snap gambar anda dengan salah satu barang kaler PINK :
6. Tag 5 kawan anda yang minat kaler PINK :
(korang suke xsuke kena jwb gak. aci?)
ii. yaya
iv. adda

aku choose randomly jer ni..ngehehe..sape yg kena??aaaa...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sooo comel!!!

comel x? aku geramm!!!! kecik2 dh pndai merempit eh.. both of them are my bff's cousins..

Monday, July 5, 2010

kene food testing jgk ker?

food testing ms aku balik KB mid June hari tu.. xtau la plk ada testing2 ni..tiba2 my mom kata ada food testing..all in all..berselera jgk aku mkn ms tu.huhu..xder mkna nk diet time tu.ces! harap2 nnti wedding ni quality nye sama..insha Allah..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

video yg mcm filem.sgt cool.

video from Haniff Hashim. giler cool!!! aku jeles! korang layan video tu kt sini.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


ok..alt of CST production in Kelantan. hahaha.. still unsure about the price..will email him. check out their work at iMoments.
and another one..only have FB..
Haniff Hashim --check out his work here
i've already ask him for the quot. somehow it didnt met my budget..emm..i would say..pricey!

im not sure whether they can nego the price since both of them were my senior back in high skool..haishh..!tolong la kasi murah2!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


mau ke tidak?? rs mcm xmau. i dont think it suits me. nampak mcm kotor. just my 2cents.. B2B lain jgn just my personal view...buat manicure je lah..
credit to HennaRatuSehari