Wednesday, July 28, 2010

buang bulu part I

Refer to my previous entry..i cant start my 1st sesh last week due to i plucked the hair 2days earlier before i met the beautician. before i sign up for the treatment, i've discussed with my sister since she already done the treatment last 4years.. she said try to avoid from IPL treatment bcos its really painful.. but somehow mine also using this method. .

So after office hour yesterday, straight away went to Bella Usj for my 1st sesh and i was f**king nervous while waiting for the treatment. seriously! then i change my shirt and lied down on the bed and spread my both arms..hahaa.. can u imagine that? then she shave the unwanted hairs and put some gel on it. and its cold! later she put me glasses and warned me that it will a bit painful when the treatment started.

'1..2..3' bzztt!! adeh! she put the 'machine' 3-4times per arm. and lastly she applied a soothing gel on both my underarms..
its not that painful as my sis claimed. just like u pluck ur hair..maybe they already improve the machine? or my pain tolerance is high?

next mth is 2nd sesh.

Amalina, that was the story for my 1st sesh. hehehee..


Amalina said...

owhh..macam tak sakit sgt pon..teruja plak aku nak gi try..hihi

Queen4ADay said...


Husz said...

wahaaa. macam menariks!

missbutterfly said...

amalina- serius xsakit gile.hehee..sakit ckit jer.

queen- pheww..

k.husni- hehee..meh la wak etek!