Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pre-pre- honeymoon

A night stay at Avillion PD sponsored by BFF for our wedding present..Tq soo much! but not much activities that we can do..luckily we share same hobby. amik gambo. hehe..

next day check in at Legend Water Chalet, self sponsored lah. well, PD is a small town with not so many place to eat. atau pun kitorg yg tak jumpa tempat mkn yg best2??

stay tune for our next pre-honeymoon in April and real honeymoon in May.. (eceh..byk plk honeymoon) hahaa..


Oh My said...

yeay !~ heehhehe happy for both of u!~ :D heeeeeee u mst wc dear!~ xoxo

Farr said...

hye there.
i agree with you, kat PD memang susah nk jumpe tempat mkn yg best. either kita xtau jalan, atau kedai yg best2 ni tersorok sgt.. huhu.

neway, hv fun with you honeymoonssssssssssss...

nizabeba said...

waa byknye honeymoon!! best2!! have fun k =)