Monday, August 2, 2010

minggu lepas dan minggu2 lepas..

handed the kain for my last but not least bridesmaid (her with daughter).. yg lain2 dh jahit ke blm weh? aku berdebar dh ni..
eh? not mine! def i cant afford this. bought it on behalf on my FSIL who's currently preggy (mengidam nk pakai handbag LV katanya). act takut nk msk sbb kami sgtla selekeh.ahhahaa.. luckily the salesperson tu sooo frenly..xder la awkward sgt..
and last weekend, went to puchong to settle the i just need to deco only. pheww..doorgift done! then straight away went to LH Creative to order our card..cant wait for the 1st draft! *fingers crossed*
bfast dulu lah!
celebrate fiance's belated bday (17 July)..and this is my present to him. a grill pan bought from Ikea.hahaha..(kasi dia practice masak steak..nnti kawen senang laa...lalalalaa)
then makan sampai kenyang(xpatut)..burpp..alhamdulillah.


Amalina said...

yeay..dah order kad!! cross my fingers for u too =)

btw jaja, nak alamat umah, send kt email buleh =)

sk said...

hehe comel jek present bg grill pan. he likes to cook eh? ;)

missbutterfly said...

amalina- tu la..dupdapdupdap tunggu 1st draft..hahaa..ok nnti aku email add aku.

sk- hehee..dia nk bljr masak. suke!

Mea Wed & Event Planner said...

tunggu baju siap je cik jajun..huhuhu