Sunday, August 8, 2010

my BFFs..

what's the purpose of bridesmaids besides helping u out / sitting with u on your BIG day? do they also need to help u for ur wedding preps? but having 8 of them...only a few ..i repeat a FEW of them asked me hows my preps..and the rest choose to be silenced..sobss..dont u think if u;re chosen to be someone's bridesmaid..given a rm*** cloth.. (with my own money okai) u'll def be flattered and honored..rite? nevermind..they might having their own issues..but i would be happier if they AT LEAST ask what do i need..and hows the preps..and h*ll not going to force them to help me unless they volunteered themselves. sighsighsigh..

luckily i still have my 2 angels to share the progress and met up with them on weekend..and on Sat, me and my BFF met our videographer- checked.yay! and today met her again, and the other BFF..most of the topics were 'hot topics of course' im happy though i shared the probs/preps/etc with 2 of them only. further, they like to share the ideas, anything related to the wedding which i love their effort..they are my forever BFF..*XOXO*

me+wanis+mommy to be, ain

p.s: my mom didnt approve my mini jar deco..mama buat sendiri la buat yg termampu jer..sigh~
and i still have another angel back in my hometown who always call me asking this and that, & try to help me,*you know who u are* thanks bebehh..


Tengku Awanis said...

hehe thank u ja!! hehe i do luv u. gp2 just infrm deyh.ill help u :) haha coz mine lmbt lg.. heeeeeee :)
im so happy!! haha wonderful weekend with both of u :)

NahWaL said...

lek beb. orang kekadang nak jadi bridesmaid nak santek je. HAHA. bole? ko ok tak ? ado benda nak share? macam down je

mysarah said...

u go girl! biasa la nak buat keje kawen ni bukan senang. macam nawal ckp, biasanya org nak jdi bridesmaid ni nak cantik jer! haha

missbutterfly said...

wanis- thanks a lot babe..ado a few things lg ni.hehee..mung nikoh tunggu aku preggy plk..mcm loni aku nikoh ain preggy.hhahaha..

nawal- ntah..pdhal dh tanye awal2..semua sanggup jer..klo xnk ckp xnk.kecik jgk la hati aku far aku leh handle lg..thanks for concern bebeh! muah!

my-ntah..agak stress jgk la..mcm2 yg xder org tau pun.huhuuh..aku nk bridesmaid yg bekerja..bkn goyang kaki.hahahahaa

ellfazira© said...

cek mek, amik ng imoments jugok ko? ke photo wit the aura? hark3 ;P

Tengku Awanis said...

hhahaha tuela.aku tnggu mg preggy ok! hahaha aku lame lg.haha almaklumla.haahha error in cnnctn jea. hahaha :) heeeee :D gp2 infrm r. bleh aku tlng skit2 :D deco doorggift brh dh?

missbutterfly said...

el- hom..mujo saim intro remi tu..huhu..xmain la aura2 ni..

wanis- doorgift got issues. mok aku ni mace2 la..xkeney hk aku wak.nk prabih pitih ko riben..baik beli hk isi dlm tu hk mahal ckit.ore blh make..pening dh aku..:(

Tengku Awanis said...

ja try tngk nie