Wednesday, September 8, 2010

raya 2007

whats with the raya 2007? 1st time met him after he came back to m'sia for good. a day before raya puasa to be exact. but raya 2007 was actually falls end of november , if im not mistaken. he just started his 1st job somewhere in Perak. we text-ed a few days before decided for the meet up and btw i was in my final sem. (gelnya). we then met somewhere in our hometown for the drinks and i guess all the feelings were mixed up..i.e cold feet..nervous..anxious..dupdapdupdap.. that was a normal gestures when we met someone after emm...6-7years (if we still had feeling/emotion whatever u call it is) aight?

and today approx. 2mths away before saying 'I DO'..gulp!
ini raya 2009

p.s- this is scheduled entry. skrg mungkin kt tgh laut china selatan..price for flight tix to KB as expensive as our honeymoon flight tix. nonsense!ok.mau cuti panjang.yihaa!! btw SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI TO ALL MY BLOGGER FRIENDS. *xoxo*
p.s II- balik amik baju putih..nnti nk attend wedding nawal..thehehee..

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NUN@ said...

slamat ari raye ja!!