Monday, March 15, 2010

6weeks to go

Helo friends,
from now on.. i will start membebel regarding my engagement n wedding preparation..weeee!!!!
well..actually my mom already booked OP for my engagement which is *kononnye-ehem-hebat-ehem-famous-ehem-di Kelantan*..
ok. i've sent a msg thru FB..however, i didnt receive any replies from him..ok la..then i saw he online and straight away tegur dia (chat thru FB la) and i said im his customer, my mom paid the depo blablabla..ok..

after i've done the research bout his style of taking n editing pix..i found that i dont really like that kind of editing which is too ridiculous (for me la)..with that kind of blurry editing..emm..we called it gausian i asked him not to edit too much for my pix..then he 'melenting'..alamak..!!! i thought he might happy with it because no need to do extra work in editing..and i thought we can work together!! grrrrr!!some more, he said i'm the 1st customer who asking for less editing...all his previous customer were happy with his work..well..ppl differences isn't it??hummm...pls bear in mind that i love photography n i do lot of research in wedding photog..

btw, sgt adore SN, udey ismail, fad manaf, prettypeektures' punye hasil kerje.

credit to udey ismail

credit to Saiful Nang

credit to Fad Manaf

then after thinking for 3-4days... searching for other photographers in KB...
then i;ve decided to change my OP.. and my OP is

They are relatively new but somehow they like to cooperate and accept with my so called ideas.haha..the most important thing is we can discuss..!!!sgt suke ok! emm..btw..they are all my friends since high school.. heee

Currently we are looking OP for wedding plk.heeeee :p

humm..kt mana yer nk cari photog yg bagus2 kt KB ni..hummm

P/S: fortunately we can take our depo back from that 'poyo' photog.


Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

kalau kelantan mcm ada satu je femes2? hehe, i pun sama, i dont fancy too much editing, biar clean cut, atleast it shows the real event =)

depo tu normal la mesti burn, but salute la u decide to change..

NahWaL said...

u dpat depo balik? tercabar si poyo itu. HA HA HA. but at least dia melenting before u tunang kan? KAlau tak nanti lagi nangis tengok gambar E day u.

missbutterfly said...

huda- hehe..agak2?? :P luckily blh amik blik depo tu...fuhh..lega!

nahwal- a'ah dpt..mmg padan muka..sbb poyo sgt.dh la suka show off..dgn my mom bkn main lg ckp lembut pijak semut pun xmati..dgn i?? pergh..mmg kurang kt situ dh kureng chemistry baik cari org lain la kan..

ellfazira© said...

ee..sape yg poyo tue?mind to share?tanak la ai plak terkena kan huhu

missbutterfly said...

ellfazira- actually benda ni subjective..if u like their work..shud be no my mistake was asking for not too much editing.sbb i xsuka gmbr mcm fairytale/blur dia rs offended.ingtkan blh discuss..tu yg xsuke tu.xlain xbkn the photo with the aura..ahakss!

ellfazira© said...

oopsiee!hehe ai br igt nak amik dorang for my wed tp 4 fotografi am still in doubt cuma their videos mmg superb! but pricey jgk laa..huhu still survey 4 others too. kna survey byk2 br la dpt yg best n price affordable aite?;)

missbutterfly said...

ellfazira- mmg pricey sbb dia mom actually dh book dia for my sbb i xsuke dgn attitude dia..semua kansel!hehe.yup..kene survey far i sdg nego dgn bonsai n jukie..hope they can give the best price.huhu

-NuNa- said...

gilak btol..sape ja ..budak poyo tue?? bonsai cun macam dah dekat je ni?? jeng2..jeng2..

missbutterfly said...

mont-gmbr penuh dgn jer yg xsuke dia punye stail kot..benda ni cannot tahan with his tunggu la ek.sabar..

Tengku Awanis said...

hahahahhaha kewl ja :p xyah caro ko ore gtu :p

Semy a.K.a Amalina said...
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Amalina said...

just read ur post about photog..ketinggalan keretapi btol
and bile i bace this post, takut sgt if it wud be Jukie..coz i oledy baya deposit kat dia for my wed..fuhh i feel so relief :D

by the way about the photog that u r talking about, a friend of mine had him for her wed...her only comment was, well he was good, but easily offended when my friend agak segan n menolak utk beraksi lebey mesra with her my friend rase agak rimas..bear in mind, my friend ni mix scottish malay, dia yg segan nak berpeluk cium depan photog, photog plak lebey2..hihihihi

but she said, he was a damn photog, mmg pic berkualiti and i agree with that..but a bit pricey..and ade some technique yg dia pakai for editing i tak cancel amik this guy

Amalina said...

*he was a damn good photog (correction)

missbutterfly said...

amalina- jukie ok jer..i;ve been dealing with him since 2-3mths ago utk wedding..but still undecided..hehe.. the photog that i've been talking about tu mmg la terror bab2 amik gmbr ni..but for me xsuke dia punye editing n style..and his attitude i really cannot tahan the most..susah la kan if xder chemistry dgn photog then how to pose time wedding nnti..mesti cuak is a good choice! =)