Tuesday, March 23, 2010

xder mood...

xder mood nk survey psl wedding hari ni...esk ? blm tentu.. sigh~~~ tlg bg semangat ckit!!!
ok la..kita ckp psl benda lain..my blush sudah hbs..so..skrg mau survey2..some tips i've found here- tips to blush
Types of blushes: mousse, powder, cream liquid and gel..just need some times to find the right tone for me.

Powder blush is perfect for oily and greasy skin, as it doesn't make the skin shine so much as the liquid blusher. For dry skin you can use cream blusher, this is more moisturized and doesn't dry the skin out more. I would say powder blush is more suitable for me due to my oily skin. i've tried the body shop liquid blush..but in the end, feels like very oily..


~body shop~

~bobbi brown~

~benefit, maybelline~
yg mana satu idaman kalbu..

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