Tuesday, March 16, 2010

engagement theme

Tadaaaaa!!!! save the date! kwn2 blogger from KB juga dijemput dtg. (kalau ada lah) hehe:)

my E-day theme will be pink and brown..more or less like this la:


kay kamal said...

eh, a bit like my engagemnt theme la..hehe.. mine this 27th march! *gasps, cold feet* ..

exchange link jom! nape i takle folo u eh?

missbutterfly said...

hehe..ye ke??nnti blh share ideas!! :) wah! 1week to go dear..gudluck in ur preparation!

ok.dah add ur link.btw..am still new in blogging ni.hehe..:p try n error jer.kekekee

ellfazira© said...

hi there,,i've linked u too;))

missbutterfly said...

ellfazira-ok. :) u klntn which part?

masmOna said...

dear,my e-day theme colour pun pink and choc hohoho :)

btw, gud luck for ur e-day and congrats!the next day is mine pulak wuwu. ive link u too :)

Tengku Awanis said...

wanis: haha ja.theme sgt menarik.haha :) wish u luck!! xsbr utk esk :P