Monday, March 22, 2010

oh our e-rings

sure dh blh teka punye.btw rasa mcm dgn ring miss kay kamal jer.hehehe..we bought the rings during the year end sale 2008.. (wow!planning yg bagos).. B2B are not advisable to purchase the ring at Habib Jewel dkt Ampang Point. bcos not so many choices. i wud say most probab. ppl think that kt sana byk ramai la yg pegi sana kan..last2 dah xder yg tinggal utk dipilih.uhukk..~sigh.. just my 2cents..
kita suppose beli kt tmpt xramai org pegi, like KLCC, n the Curve..xpe lah..for wedding nnti kena survey byk2 n kena khatam the 4c's. (ingatkan nk analyze credit jer pakai 5c's)

p/s: pics from en google lg..xleh nk amik ngn baby nikon..kena 'curi' dgn enche chenta. :P

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