Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1st wedding gift

when i passed the card to my colleagues last week, everybody was like..'what?? u're getting married??!!' ya. ya.. nobody knows about my wedding plan except my friends and families..hence they were a bit surprised!
so today i received my first angpow from my ex-bos..yay! he said 'sorry i couldn't attend to ur wedding in Kelantan unless if u charter a bus or flight for the whole dept, then we def can attend to ur wedding' emm...maybe i should ask my bos to sponsor the tix? hahaa. dream on lah!
ok.thanks Mr L!m..

p/s: waiting for email from Riverview for table layout. and 7 working days to go. humm..


mizzwanix said...

chayok2 ja!~ cant wait ok!! hhheheh

NUN@ said...

easel 2 ready ! huhuhu

missbutterfly said...

mon- yayy!!! sukee!! saye mungg!!

wanis- aku lagi laa!! hehehe..dupdapdupdap