Thursday, February 17, 2011

review: the VVVIP

No. we didn't invite any VIPs i.e menteri blablabla for our reception as we are just an ordinary family.
Now. I have no idea how to express my gratitude to our very very very important person
(ok.triple very) in our wedding (and lives)..and let the picture just do the talking..
1. Wanis (MOH), Wan Huzairil (designer), Mon (floor manager)
2. The bridesmaids
3. Sister and BIL (unofficial videographer & photog respectively)
4. Niece (emm..tolong kacau orang..Cik Sue rindu tau!)
5. Brother (he gave a good damn speech..confident tu penting!)
6. Uncle and aunty (she made beautiful beads embellishment for my akad's dress)
7. Last but not least, the most important person, my parents (if not, tak makan la guests..huhuu)

-i love them to bits-


NUN@ said...

ja!!! suko gambar ni..kuruh sebab aku tarik baju hahahaha...

[e][cHa][ChA] said...

heart ur pelamin <3