Wednesday, May 26, 2010

last weekend..

last weekend pegi akad nikah anak nyer my dad's fren..they only invite my parents for the reception at Concorde Hotel S.Alam on the day after..uhukss..layan jer gmbr ok!
besar nyer hand bouquet dia...

oh nk satu coach!

Pelamin DIY mungkin..

fairy lights..

french lace bought in Mekkah.

ok..ape lagi!!!melantak la ai..


adda_shariff said...

is that mona fatini & yasir? fellow KAEDians..baju reception dia long kebaya warna putih with pink patterns/flowers. cantih woohh..hehe

missbutterfly said...

adda- a'ah..her parent kwn dgn my parent..hehe..i xpegi dia punye parents jer pegi..chocs from concorde hotel sgt sedap!!what a small world yer..hehe =)