Thursday, May 6, 2010

table setup and menu..

as i mentioned before, we only invite close frens n fam only..and we expect for his side like 3cars=15 ppl la.. but on that day..i think the number of his family came almost double from our expection..nasib my mom tempah byk..but the table n kerusi xcukup...nk buat caner..luckily the compound of our house is quite they all blh mkn kt area2 situ jgk la..the menu on that day were: nasi beriani, mini tart, cream puff, kuih cara berlauk..ape lg eh..lupa dah..n sirap bandung with cendol n cincau.
oh cerita psl cendol..the day before pegi psr khadijah nkg beli cendol n cincau pun ckp la nk cendol 3 bungkus n cincau 2 bekas..then balik umah..1 bungkus of the cendol rosak. air nya menjadi putih bkn clear. bukak2 bau busuk gile!!! jahat nye makcik tuuuuu!!! fortunately still got extra 2 bungkus. xbaik la makcik buat bisnes menipu cenggitu..xnk beli dh kt tmpt makcik tu..serik.
see the rektangle vase on the table..i bought it at ikea last mth.hehe..oh ya..khemah tidak diperlukan as our porch is enuff for small jamuan mkn2 cenggini..

btw..this is my mom. she is such a superwoman..all the catering and the bookings semua dia buat..i luv u ma! and the little one is my niece, farah alysha..very talkative one. umo baru 1.5years..geram!

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-NuNa- said...

ur mother is not only superwoman...but then also super power puff mother..luv her so much caring n always make me touching..glad u have mother like her :)