Monday, June 7, 2010

4th June 2010

last Friday was my last bday as a single..he came down all the way from Perak to celeb my bday at 0000hrs. soo comel and sooo happy! =) then Friday ptg we went for a movie and makan2 sampai buncit..insha Allah next year blh celeb dgn husband plk. tq so much my dear! sgt happy tau!
bday cake sy yg sgt best.hahaha


Amalina said...

happy belated birthday!..ur birthday cake looks yummy..tiramisu ke tuh? =)

missbutterfly said...

amalina- hehe..tq..dh tua dh~ mmg sgt yummy. its soft choc cake with ice cream on top.slurpp...tringat balik..