Saturday, June 5, 2010

another wedding..

this is my sistah's wedding back in 2007..hehee..dah ada baby dh pun skrg..she's the oldest and 1st child in my family...emm..these were some of the pics that i only have in my pc.hehe..masa akad she wore selendang as her veil..ala..dkt gulati's and jakel sgt cantek...
after akad..batal air sembahyang on the same pelamin but letak bantal kt bwh...jimat kan? n my mom were the planner..sgt letih ni xpakai tudung lg.jahat.
bro,cuzs and uncle..all of us pakai white on that morning..
my frens..n DIY centerpiece..
reception on the same mlm..
tgh tunggu pengantin from the hotel..
maka bersanding lah mereka..pelamin without panel sgt dkt porch umah..
potong cake ceremony..the candle slalu padam sbb kena tiup house is just 3-4km away from beach..hehee..cons of buat garden wedding.
make up from my MUA, K.La (N'Bride) and also the dais..


Yanie said...

saya suka baju kakak kamu... Simple but nice. It's classic. and yeah it's nice.

Cik Belle said...

canteknyer.. suke wedding malam! ada lampu-lampu. =))

Amalina said...

suke pelamin ur sgt chantekk!!

btw rumah kat mane? kot2 bleh dtg mase ur kenduri..ops :D

missbutterfly said...

yanie- gold color sgt classic.hehe..

cik belle- a' pun suke wedding mlm.if kena dgn lighting nmpak meriah..

amalina- i think dia tunjuk gmbr kt prob.insha Allah i jemput u..sbb skrg xsure nk buat ktner..